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Type II - 1x Diablo II Expansion Cdkey (No CD_ROM)--Can't be converted to 26 digit cdkey

Realm: 100%Legit cdkey

Brand-New!Unused,Unmuted,Unban and Legit!
100% working on All Battle.net Closed Realm(USWest,USEast,Europe,Asia)
Here is a sample:
Diablo 2 Expansion Cdkey: D2CR-8MPQ-64CW-AM3C

We will send cdkey Information via Email  in  5 Minutes.The cdkey can't be converted to 26 digit cdkeys. but you are still able to play the game on any online server (US East, US West, Europe, Asia) with 16 digit cdkeys without any problem at all.


How to use 16 digit cdkey:

1)Download Game Clients:
We provide Original ISO image files(4* D2 Game Discs).
Download Diablo II Lord of Destruction torrent files Here:

Diablo.II.Lord.of.Destruction - RELOADED.torrent

Open Torrent Files with Bittorrent software tool. 
Download Bittorrent software tool here:  Bittorrent 

2)Install PowerISO  Software
PowerISO is a powerful CD / DVD / BD image file processing tool, which allows you to mount ISO files with internal virtual drive.
Download PowerISO Software Tool Here: PowerISO

3)Install Game Clients:
a)Install Diablo II (Open Download Directory)
   Right click "Install Disc". Popup menu-> mount it,click "Install Diablo II".
   select "Full Install "(3rd option),and follow the setup, mounting each disc as required.
   Once setup is complete, close the installer and mount the file "Diablo II - Expansion Disc.iso"

b)Install Diablo LOD
Right click"Expansion Disc".mount it,
Select "Upgrade to Lord of Destruction (800MB)" and follow the setup, mounting each disc as required."

Once setup is complete, click "Upgrade Installation" then click "Upgrade from Multi-Player to Full",   now close the installer.

4)Patch 1.13d
Copy lodpatch1.13d.exe to your  Diablo II directory,run it, you will get patch successful info.

5)Load Game Without CD Disc
From Diablo II play Disc, you will need to copy the file D2MUSIC.MPQ to your Diablo II installation folder (normally C:\Program files\Diablo II)
from Diablo II Expansion Disc, you will also need to copy the
D2XMUSIC.MPQ to your Diablo II installation folder (normally C:\Program files\Diablo II)

Patch 1.14c
1.14c patch will be updated when you open d2 game clients.

6)Use "Serby's CD-Key Changer" to change the CDKEY to New 16 digit CD-Keys you purchased.
Download "Serby's CD-Key Changer" Here: Serby's CD-key Changer
Usage: Unpack where you want and then execute one of:
- KeyChanger16.exe: Changes the original key in the original installation with a
16 character key;
- KeyCreator16.exe: Creates a new mpq file that will contain both 16 character keys
(you can copy or rename the file after, new mpq file is d2key.mpq file ,it is inside
Diablo II installation folder->Diablo II folder);

7)We  Support  remote assistance you with Teamviewer Software  if you feel hard.please  contact us with Live Support of site

Price: $3.49
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