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1 x Amazon - Bow Full Gear
1 x Sorceress - Cold Full Gear
1 x 20X Stone of Jordan SOJ Ring
1 x Sorceress - MF Full Gear
1 x Paladin - Smite Full Gear
1 x Paladin - Hammerdin Full Gear
1 x 1x Diablo II Expansion Cdkey (Redeemable on your own bnet account)
1 x Barbarian - Whirlwind Full Gear
1 x Unmade Grief Phase Blade(15%ed Base) --Last Rune Unsocketed
1 x Magic Jewel +15%IAS/40%ED
1 x Eth Titan's Revenge/(195-198)%ed/9% ll
1 x Amazon - Bow Full Gear
1 x USeast Ladder 90 Lvl Premade Sorceress
1 x Sorceress - MF Full Gear
1 x 1X Unid Anni Small Charms
1 x Widowmaker 200ED/5GA Perfect
1 x Sorceress - Cold Full Gear
1 x Paladin - Hammerdin Set Up (Basic)
1 x Uswest Non Ladder Mule #Mara30 2 Sojs Shako141 MF Package Items+
1 x Amazon Crafted Gloves +2 Passive And Magic Skills/20% IAS/Knockback/Lr 13%
1 x Jeweler's Monarch of Deflecting 30%FBR/20% Blocking/4 Sockets
1 x Crafted Gloves +2 Bow And Crossbow Skill/20% IAS/3% ll/8% CB/10 Str/13 Life/Pr 8%
1 x Rare Ring +10% Fcr/116 Ar/20 Str/Lr 17%/Fr 26%
1 x Druid - ElementWind Full Gear
1 x Necromancer - Poison Full Gear
1 x Barbarian - Whirlwind Full Gear
1 x Assiassin - Lightning Trapper Full Gear
1 x Stone of Jordan SOJ Ring
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Diablo 2 Useast Ladder Mule #Mara30 2 Sojs Shako141 MF Package Items+
Diablo 2 Useast Ladder Mule #Mara30 2 Sojs Shako141 MF Package Items+

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